Stuart Styron

Stuart Styron

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Stuart Styron (* 1975 in Arnsberg, Germany) is a German actor, musician and visionartist.

Stuart Styron graduated from high school in 1991 and began a career as an industrial precision mechanic. In 1996, his professional life took a turn and he worked as a geriatric nurse in the civilian community service.

In beginning of 1997, Styron started his acting career and played for the first time in the open-air theatre. From 1997 to 2000, Styron attended a drama school in Hamburg and became a state-certified actor. During his artistic break back in Arnsberg-Neheim he temporarily worked as an industrial precision mechanic. Two years later he concentrated on music, and took lessons in guitar, keyboard, vocals, songwriting became an important source of his artistic expression. Throughout that time, he had played in different television roles and also in a documentary. He played as well in the theater and was involved on the opera "Carmen" in gelsenkirchen.

In Baltimore and New York City in 2005, Styron started to share his dramatic art in holiday camps for youngsters. A year later he continued this to Connecticut. Later in Arnsberg, Styron was involved during the "art summer" in the cultural office, Theatron Theatre and Kulturschmiede. Marketing, photography, documentation and slideshows of his work took place from 2008 to 2009 in the United States.

Back in Arnsberg he was involved again in the cultural office. Guidance for Gero-Codex, cloister Wedinghausen, photography and documentation exhibited his work. In music production, Styron collaborated with several producers.

After 10 Years of music experience, he produced more than 20 Full Demo Albums. Together with music producers, Stuart Styron starting to re-produce the material from his archives .This resulted in the release of his first EP in 2013. This EP was named "We Need More Miracles". One year later, "Timezone Records" published worldwide a full album from Stuart Styron., named "When I Hit the Time Ghost of the 22nd Century". On 30th August 2015 there will be a releasing of an another album calls "Visaplanet".- his 2nd full album. Both albums will be also released worldwide as a Hardware.

Album: When I Hit The Time Ghost Of The 22nd Century
Artist: Stuart Styron
Genre: Alternative
Kat.-Nr.: TZ273
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2014

10. Will Miss The World 6:49

01. Symphonia Of A Last Century 6:43

06. Manifestica Never Dies 5:15