The Vagoos

The Vagoos

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The Vagoos - Punk flavoured Rhythm & Blues droned out by four German misfits since 2010

„Revisionists, revivalists - call them what you will - but The Vagoos are the kind of band that knowhow to power a party. Just don't expect to see them after sunrise."(bluesbunny.com)

„...unadulterated, pristine snippets of punk authenticity." (floorshimezipperboots.blogspot.com)

Since 2009 the Vagoos have given numerous concerts at parties, clubs, beach-bars, concert halls, youth centers, restaurants, libraries, squat-houses or just out in the streets. They’ve been touring through Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, and played with Reverend Beat-Man, The Movement, Las Aspiradoras, The Razorblades, Juke Joint Pimps, and many other great bands.

In June 2014 they released their first LP on off label records. In December 2015 their second album will be released on off label records and on tape via Wiener Records.

The Vagoos: Raschid Wolf: guitar, vocals/Christoph Kreppner: guitar, vocals/Dan E. Dee: drums, vocals/Martin Fehling: bass

Album: I Love You
Artist: The Vagoos
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1023
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2015

01. I Guess You're My Girl 2:56

02. Dying Over You 2:17

03. Two Chords 1:39

Album: The Vagoos
Artist: The Vagoos
Genre: Alternative
Kat.-Nr.: TZ202
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2014

01. The Devil & Me 2:12

02. La Colifata 2:16

03. MAD 2:10