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Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales: Everything Boom (12“ Vinyl)

Alex Maiorano & The Black Tales: Everything Boom (12“ Vinyl)

When asked what genre of music the Black Tales fit into, Maiorano never quite knows how to respond. The band has matured in a way that makes that answer difficult to pinpoint. Maiorano and, drummer, Alessio D’Alessandro moved from Sulmona, Italy to Berlin in an effort to meet and perform with new musicians and to reach a broader audience.

They started as a blues/folk act, rearranging songs that Maiorano had written for his solo act a year before. As new members joined, The Duke and Rieko Okuda on saxophone and keyboards respectively, they brought their own styles with them, adding funk and soul to Maiorano and D’Alessandro’s punk and rock n roll background. The blending aspects of all of these genres combined with the passion of the artists evolved their sound into something new and unique. While The Black Tales may not subscribe to a strict adherence to the roots of their influences, they convey the feeling of each with confidence and skill combined with an attitude all their own. 

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Cover: Figure It Out
Album: Figure It Out
Artist: Fratelli Vaienti
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1439
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2017

01. Banister 2:27

02. Figure It Out 3:22

03. Under Her League 3:33

04. This World 2:59

05. If The Rain Stops 2:28

06. Innocent Child 4:04

07. Same Old Story 3:19

08. Lost 3:15

09. Tell Me Why 3:47

10. An Eye For An Eye 4:02

11. Hold On Tight 4:04

12. Johanna 5:11

13. I Don't Drink 4:46

14. The Arrival 2:32