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Alwin Smoke: Spirit’s Free

Alwin Smoke: Spirit’s Free

The band published on 08 May 2015, the third long-play album Spirit's Free. Spirit’s Free was recorded between 04th of february 2014 to 12th of january 2015 in their own A Double U Studios, Hanau, Germany. So they had no hurry, and enjoyed the work on it. Alwin and his band produced all the titles of Spirit’s Free on their own but listen to different advices of musician-and business friends.This time the music and songs are devoted to the blues and classic rock style. With Spirit's Free the musicians present an album that may appeal especially blues and rock music fans of melodic gait. Songs like My Girl In The Sunrays, Postman Is Coming, Wings Of Destiny, Cool Cat or Leave Our Home Town represent the Alwin Smoke-style, that bluesy and rock 'n' roll- orientated elements equally united. Sunset and Hungarian Dance No.5 are instrumentals in the character of the Renaissance and classical music. The CD provides 8 bluesy, 2 rocking and 2 classic tracks, that features the album. Bad Voice and Roots Of My Life stand for Classic Rock. Spirit's Free - as the cd tilte track - shows also the ballad side of the band. The two songs Dick - The Whale and Mother Blueare bluesy instrumentals with relationship to surf music.

Kat.-Nr.: TZ425

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Cover: Spirit's Free
Album: Spirit's Free
Artist: Alwin Smoke
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ425
Label: ARREST Music (01048)
Jahr: 2015

01. My Girl In The Sunrays 4:27

02. Roots Of My Life 3:35

03. Mother Blue 2:54

04. Bad Voice 4:21

05. Spirit's Free 4:26

06. ?Dick? - The Whale 2:44

07. Wings Of Destiny 3:59

08. Cool Cat 3:49

09. Hungarian Dance No. 5 2:21

10. Leave Our Hometown 4:05

11. Postman Is Coming 3:14

12. Sunset 2:49