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Anthony Nicholson: Four

Anthony Nicholson: Four

We proudly present Anthony’s fourth album, simply called ‘Four’ featuring 11 masterpieces of deephouse music. Limited release!

Every track is a masterful lesson in the art of this genre. They are beautiful and originally composed, including elements of Jazz, Garage, Disco, RnB and classic House. Anthony Nicholson clearly shows that he is gifted with an amazing imagination and also with a proper knowledge of musicality.


Kat.-Nr.: TZ294

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Cover: Four
Album: Four
Artist: Anthony Nicholson
Genre: Electronic
Kat.-Nr.: TZ294
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2014

01. Message And Aliens 7:02

02. Want U 6:55

03. Genio (Tribute To Jose Roberto Bertrami) 7:38

04. Star (Sell Your Soul) Feat. Imani 6:05

05. It's Alright 6:57

06. Chicago Feat. Big Ed 7:35

07. Secret Prayer 6:57

08. The Essence Say Hey Feat. Jaidene Veda 6:39

09. Return To Black Fusion 7:31

10. At The Disco Church 6:37

11. Mother And Earth 5:49

12. Genio Outro-Tribute 1:05