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Enrico Caruso: The Brillant Sound Edition (Recordings 1914-1920)

Enrico Caruso: The Brillant Sound Edition (Recordings 1914-1920)

The idea behind this CD was to compile some of Carusos best recordings to an unusual listening-experience: Enrico Carusos singing without disturbing hiss and crackle, along with a quality, as similar as possible to modern recordings. For this purpose, a complex audio restauration method, called A.R.E.S., was developed. It is able to compensate or moderate all quality limitations of the acoustic process and to remove broadband noise consequently without any audible loss in wanted signal.

Kat.-Nr.: TZ702

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Cover: ... And In The Darkest Night
Album: ... And In The Darkest Night
Artist: Werner Nadolnys Jane
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1702
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2018

01. Intro - True Romance 5:17

02. All My Friends 3:57

03. Lady 3:49

04. Love Me - Or Leave Me 5:54

05. Borrowed Time 7:45

06. Heartbeat 4:42

07. Another Day - Another Way 5:45

08. Margan Le Fay 3:59

09. Angel Of Death 4:12

10. Out In The Rain 5:37

11. The Last Time 5:36

12. Hangman 8:22