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Lynx Lynx: 7

Lynx Lynx: 7

Dirt, dirt, dirt. That what Germany’s so-called ‚Ruhrpott‘ region is known for. The Dortmund 4-piece Lynx Lynx is proud of this origin. Dirt’s stuck deep down in their lungs. Over the years, parents, teachers, and friends have failed cleaning up their grubby hands and faces. There was only one way to go: rubbing it off on guitar picks, drum sticks, and mics. That worked out very well!

Kat.-Nr.: TZ1274

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Cover: 7
Album: 7
Artist: Lynx Lynx
Genre: Punk
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1274
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2017

01. Get Straight 2:23

0-29. 99 Things 2:49

03. Everybody Is In Love With You 4:12

04. It's Fun 5:04

05. Black Feather 4:37

06. See That Girl 2:23

07. Who Shot The Druggies 3:31

08. Ways To Get Along With You 2:14

09. Coast Of Wasted Youth 4:58

10. Swörds, Part II 1:55

11. All These Times 4:55