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Made For Chickens By Robots: In A Semi-Mental Mood (7’’ Vinyl)

Made For Chickens By Robots: In A Semi-Mental Mood (7’’ Vinyl)

MADE FOR CHICKENS BY ROBOTS is Asstrailer's most exported one-man-band. He has a suitcase for a drum and a broken guitar. 10 years ago he made his chicken get-up from his mother's bed linen. He thought he would cure the world of MEDIOCRE with his own ointment of WEIRD. It seems to appear that this quest is taking longer than expected. With his ragtime hi-speed finger knuckled guitar playing, hollering bullshit garbage sex innuendo gospel crap with his loud-hailer, and generally fumbling through each and every show with a confused sense of superhero ideals, MADE FOR CHICKENS BY ROBOTS returns in the future year of 2015 with a new sleaze-jazz single featuring two of the worlds most sultry and incomparable vocalists. For the first time ever this one-man-thing ventures forward to collaborate and sing two hit tune ditties that hark back to 1920s jazz and Caribbean calypso style fun times at the same time being completely deranged and entirely aloof of any modern technological or pop-music sensibility.

Kat.-Nr.: TZ342

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Cover: In A Semi-Mental Mood (7'' Vinyl)
Album: In A Semi-Mental Mood (7'' Vinyl)
Artist: Made For Chickens By Robots
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ342
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2015

01. Dirty Water Hotdogs Guest Starring 3:45

02. Whats That Smells Like Chicken? Guest Starring 4:02