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Raoky: Raoky

Raoky: Raoky

We are a group from Madagascar and Germany and are currently working on our first album together. You can be part of it as well and help us finishing it. Raoky has always been a well hidden secret. For a long time the three brothers Dada, Dolly and Mbine Bessa were exciting tourists and locals with their talent on the island Sainte-Marie, Madagascar. But only until they met the german musician Marvin Warnke. He aimed everything into bringing the group from Madagascar to Europe and to produce their first album together.

They eventually made it with the aid of a crowdfunding campagne and the response towards the union of rousing traditional malagassy rhythms and modern pop, blues and rock elements during their first tour in Germany was as intense as overwhelming. Besides many concerts and great attention by the press, they gained a prime time slot at the well visited Festival „Breminale“ and gave a broader audience towards the breathtaking lead-vocals from frontman Dada.

Their local reputation and success in Madagascar grew simultaniously. Now they are regularly invited to play at important cultural institutions such as the Institute Francais (French intsitute) or the Goethe Institut (German Institute) and a live appearance from 2012 is constantly returning on television.


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Cover: Raoky
Album: Raoky
Artist: Raoky
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ139
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2013

01. Transit 3:52

02. Eka 2:56

03. I Don't Wanna Go 2:29

04. Iasa 4:45

05. Summer Love 2:50

06. Forever Gone 6:29

07. Shelter 2:42

08. Somebody 4:03

09. Fotsy Ely 4:03

10. Hands 3:28

11. My Friends 4:20

12. Raokylahy 4:45