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The Blues Against Youth: Trapped In The Country

The Blues Against Youth: Trapped In The Country

The Blues Against Youth is a music project entirely run and managed by Gianni Serusi on guitar, voice, bassdrum, hi-hat, whistle and the "invisible iron snare". All instruments are played simultaneously during his one man shows.
The 'country-rock primitive one man experiment' moved its first steps playing in its hometown Roma (It), and shortly thereafter touring Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


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Cover: Trapped In The Country
Album: Trapped In The Country
Artist: The Blues Against Youth
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ949
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2013

01. On The Hill 2:36

02. Soul Mercenary Blues 4:23

03. A Dirtier Job 3:56

04. It's Been A Long Time, Mama 3:43

05. The Man Who Feels Trapped 2:33

06. Honey Don't 3:17

07. Dust Cloud 3:14

08. Gone With The Grill 4:27

09. I Dreamt Of My Dog Last Night 2:20

10. Three Headed Demon 4:19

11. Light Bearer Song 4:08

12. Out Of 2012 3:02