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The Vagoos: Heat Wave (12“ Vinyl)

The Vagoos: Heat Wave (12“ Vinyl)

The Vagoos are four young delinquents from a boring small town in the center of the conservative swamplands of Bavaria/Germany. Since their early days they`ve been hangin out at the rehearsal room, which used to be the bassplayer`s living room located in the building complex of the local brewery, distilling their own vision of fast and rough Garage Rock’n’Roll: Loud and annoying Fuzz Guitars, slippery, drippin wet surf strings, wild and out of control drums and a freaked out bass! The Vagoos never cared about any hip scene shit - they make you dance and shout your miserable soul out of your miserable body with a big grin on your face!

They shared international stages with The Monsters, Reverend Beat-Man, The Bonnevilles, Juke Joint Pimps, James Leg, The Teamsters, Las Aspiradoras, The Devils and many other cool bands.

Kat.-Nr.: TZ1356

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Cover: Heat Wave
Album: Heat Wave
Artist: The Vagoos
Genre: Punk
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1356
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2017

01. Fidget 1:54

02. Must Be Voodoo 1:33

03. No Rock On Mars 1:31

04. Heatwave 2:10

05. Hideaway 5:40

06. Golden Key 2:25

07. Johnny Feel Good 6:01

08. I Got You On My Mind 2:20

09. Blues Without A Reason 1:52

10. Time Is Right 2:33

11. Mint Island 2:26

12. The Order Of Laissez Faire 4:00