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The Vagoos: The Vagoos (12“ Vinyl)

The Vagoos: The Vagoos (12“ Vinyl)

The Vagoos created a nasty, screaming Fuzz-monster doped on ecstatic, hallucinating space-echoes, schnapps and acid. It is wild and loud Garage Rock combining Punk-, Surf-, Psych- and Blues-elements.

Since 2009 they`ve already given numerous concerts at parties, clubs, beach bars, concert halls, youth centers, restaurants, libraries, squat houses, at weddings, on memorial services or just out in the streets.

They’ve been already touring through Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. They played with Reverend Beat-Man, The Movements, Las Aspiradoras, The Razorblades, Juke Joint Pimps, Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows and many other great bands.

In June 2013 they recorded twelve Songs live and all analog.es-elements.



Kat.-Nr.: TZ202

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Cover: The Vagoos
Album: The Vagoos
Artist: The Vagoos
Genre: Alternative
Kat.-Nr.: TZ202
Label: off label records (22994)
Jahr: 2014

01. The Devil & Me 2:12

02. La Colifata 2:16

03. MAD 2:10

04. Graveyard Girl 3:22

05. Lost In The Dunes 2:15

06. Cease 3:53

07. Not Like You 3:01

08. Elevator 2:31

09. Deaf Boy 1:51

10. Swept Away 2:31

11. Abu Dhabi-Blues 5:29

12. Bye Bye My Love 3:59