Float Monki

Float Monki

Floatmonki is the brainchild of vocalist and composer Donna van Dijck. Her music tells stories of rebirth, exploration and ardour, fervent melodies, interwoven with cutting edge harmony, backed by a rhythm section that will push you through relentlessly.

Witness a quest driven by the aesthetics of nature, seeking the state of mind where ratio and emotion are one. On stage, the band forms a giant hand, reaching out to gently pull you into creation realm. Let your guards down with them and dare to be vulnerable. Moments of losing yourself in a stream of consciousness interchange with frightening depictions of monki-space. Floatmonki’s self titled debut release was recorded just two months after the initial spark, the fieriness of the musicians melted the material to die-cast a unique record.

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Cover: Floatmonki
Album: Floatmonki
Artist: Floatmonki
Genre: Jazz
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1099
Label: conditura records (30277)
Jahr: 2016

01. Fractal Tree 4:49

02. Moodswing 5:26

03. Cry For Joy 4:21