Greg Copeland Band

Greg Copeland Band

Greg Copeland was born as Gregory Andre Copeland in Portsmouth, Virginia (USA). There was always music being played in the Copeland family. Greg´s mother Delores Copeland was a Gospel Singer with an excellent voice. „I still remember as a small child how my Mother used to sing me a song before I went to sleep at night. She had so much emotion in her voice. Just by her singing I could tell if she was happy or sad. Her perserverance and the love that she showed me and my brother while raising us alone still influences me deeply and has a great impact on my singing and songwriting.

“Greg was and still is heavily influenced by artists such as James Brown, Wilson Pickett and Buddy Guy just to name a few. These influences have helped Greg to develop his own unique singing style. Smooth, slick, rough and down south dirty. These are the words that best describes his vocal style. One minute he will grunt and groan and remind you of James Brown. Then suddenly he will let out a scream that reminds you of Wilson Pickett while all the time still being himself. „When I sing I want to make you feel wanted and needed. Make you feel my hurt, my pain, my happiness and my sadness. I want to ask for forgiveness if I did something wrong and forgive you if you did me wrong. All of these things I try do with my music. I am a Funk, Soul and Blues man through and through. I don´t just sing notes, I sing emotions also“.

Greg is an established songwriter and has collaborated with artists such as ex-Eruption keyboarder Gerry Williams, keyboarder/singer-songwriter Piano Pete Budden and Internationally acclaimed Roots, Folk and Blues singer/songwriter Big Daddy Wilson. Greg has also graced the stage with some of Europe´s finest musicians. Artists such as Big Daddy Wilson, Gregor Hilden, Guitar Crusher, Greyhound Blues Band and Blues Power. 

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Cover: Who's Afraid Of The Black Man
Album: Who's Afraid Of The Black Man
Artist: Greg Copeland Band
Kat.-Nr.: TZ326
Label: Platina-Music (18597)
Jahr: 2013

01. Celia 4:12

02. A Woman Gotta Have The Last Word 2:46

03. Will To Live 4:11

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Cover: Deep Down South, An Acoustic Journey To The Blues
Album: Deep Down South, An Acoustic Journey To The Blues
Artist: Greg Copeland & Martin Messing
Genre: Blues
Kat.-Nr.: TZ325
Label: Platina-Music (18597)
Jahr: 2014

01. Goin' Home 3:19

02. She's Gone 3:31

03. Walking Blues 3:29