Jaani Peuhu

Jaani Peuhu

„Tear Catcher is a rollercoaster of emotions and there is no issue with riding it over and over. The dips and curves are met with exciting inclines with amazing views at the top. After the ride, the listener steps back and appreciates the technology, architecture and beauty of the construction.“ - fourculture

„..the Finnish artist goes back in time like a biological clock, mixing easily the synth pop athmospheres à la Jean Michel Jarre in „I Believed“, with the most extravagant and frivolous Human League in „Follow Me“, until you get to the more cybernetic ones of the new dark wave in „Desire“, in a balanced mix of melody and vocals.” - Le Fleurs Du Mal

„He clearly has a great ear for a pop melody, coupled with his ability to draw emotions from each song despite the cold, synthetic feel of the genre and it’s a win/win situation..“ - Gav The Gothic Chav

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Cover: Tear Catcher
Album: Tear Catcher
Artist: Jaani Peuhu
Genre: Electronica
Kat.-Nr.: TZ422
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2015

01. Lifelines 5:12

02. Tear Catcher 4:16

03. My Sky 3:44