Jim Yamouridis

Jim Yamouridis

„From the beginning, I wanted to make an album that could restore my faith in music and in the world. This, I had to do it alone and to do it right I chose a style of music that I like for long now, Rembetiko, which is a music of truth, and all the songs of the album are truth songs too. 

I started by writing the music, mostly modal, without chords, then I developed a guitar style which brings rhythm and melody. I used former music modes and specific bars to create the sound before the verb. Then the lyrics come and it comes from the shadows, the hereafter: The Other Side. In this album, the singer is a character from the underworld feeling the need to talk to us.

This is the underlying cause of the album. I recorded it in my home studio: a guitar, a mic and a direct voice, without sound process. What you hear is this moment of raw truth.

It’s my contribution to Rembetiko. Without revival intention, without nostalgia. More a modern poem from ancestral dust. A new flesh covering old bones.“

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Cover: The Other Side
Album: The Other Side
Artist: Jim Yamouridis
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1736
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2019

01. Mercy 6:10

02. My Love Goodbye 3:46

03. Some Weep 4:45