Let's Say We Did

Let's Say We Did

After some years lurking on the periphery of Stockholm's music scene, Let's Say We Did has now released their self titled debut album on their own label Nesna Records. Following an acclaimed EP trilogy the band worked with producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Fireside, Hello Saferide, etc) to complete their first full length record.

Let's Say We Did are constantly changing between loud and quiet, between being monotone and dynamic. Explosive guitars, hook laden pop songs, drone drowned melancholy and lazy and intimate vocals are all mixed behind a cloud of distortion and lo-fi aesthetic. It is clear that both the band and Pelle Gunnerfeldt has worked hard with transmitting Let's Say We Did's raw live sound on to the album. The decision to vary the recordings between the studio and the band's rehearsal room in an old closed down bakery also proved important to get the sound as uncompromising and well composed as they wanted.

When released in Sweden, the album received glowing praise from all corners and comparisons to Real Estate, Pavement, Teenage Fanclub and other like minded bands were made.

Even if this is Let's Say We Did's first album, the band is far from rookies. They released a trilogy of EP's between 20010-2011 that got attention from Swedish national radio SR, web radio Gimmie Indie and had all singles frequently played on student radio stations across the country. Let's Say We Did has supported acts like Xiu Xiu, Ida Maria, Withered Hand around Sweden and played festivals like Island In The Sun on Åland and The Rookie Festival in Hultsfred. They also gotten praise from bands like Yuck and Meursault.

Album kaufen
Cover: Hello Creatures
Album: Hello Creatures
Artist: Let's Say We Did
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ958
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2013

01. Into Wherever 3:49

02. Hey Kid 4:15

03. Goodbye! 3:42

Album kaufen
Cover: Let's Say We Did
Album: Let's Say We Did
Artist: Let's Say We Did
Genre: Indie Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ864
Label: Nesna Records (00000)
Jahr: 2011

01. It's OK 3:00

02. Galaxies 3:26

03. Straight Back To You 2:57