Mo van der Does Quartet

Mo van der Does Quartet

Common Myths are stories and sagas conceived by humans to connect people to help them live and work together in groups and societies. Politics, money and human rights are among the things we can call Common Myths. They only exist and function when a substantial group of people believes in them. 

On the debut album of the Mo van der Does Quartet, the band shares the Common Myths of their musical world. The musical stories and concepts which they believe in and which holds them together as a band. Through improvisation and interaction, they explore the music and try to tell these stories.


Mo van der Does Quartet

Ian Cleaver (1996) - trumpet

Tijs Klaassen (1993) - double bass

Wouter Kühne (1996) - drums

Mo van der Does (1997) - alto saxophone & compositions


The young Mo van der Does Quartet explores the compositions of Mo van der Does with improvisation and interaction as driving force. The band members are among the most promising musicians from the Dutch jazz scene. With unconditional trust in each other, they seek out the limits of their musical world on stage and are constantly challenging each other. 

The absence of a harmonic instrument provides a creative challenge - of dealing with both the freedom and the limitations that this line-up creates. After their debut show at the Uitmarkt 2017, they have performed at venues and festivals such as the BIMhuis, InJazz and the Grachtenfestival and won prizes including the Expression of Art Award and the CTA. Their debut album Common Myths is now available.

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Cover: Common Myths
Album: Common Myths
Artist: Mo van der Does Quartet
Genre: Jazz
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1844
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2019

01. Opener 6:41

02. Kingshouse 4:52

03. The Unknown 8:20