Olivier Holland's Gjazz 5

Olivier Holland's Gjazz 5

For the album “Gjazz5”, German / NZ bassist, composer and educator Olivier Holland has lined up a (literally) once-in-a-lifetime-band of his all-time-favourite musicians Geoffrey Keezer (US), Terreon Gully (US), Denis Gaebel (GER), Roger Manins (NZ) as well as special guest Joscho Stephan (GER). If you aren’t familiar with any of these names, google and get familiar! Just saying that Gully and Keezer share 4 Grammy nominations between them, the latter having turned down Miles Davis’ offer to play in his band, Gaebel being one of Europe’s leading tenor sax players, Manins the same in Australasia.

3 years in the making, the long anticipated Gjazz5 album launch represents a colossal milestone. Looking back onto his 30 CD albums (as collaborator and initiator) strong discography, Oli calls Gjazz5 his “flagship” project. 3 years in the making, multiple trips to Europe to record and mix the tracks, mastering, etcetc, Oli has not spared any efforts to make this one “count”.

The recording took place at the prestigious Fattoria Musica studios in Germany. 12 of Oli’s tunes were tracked as well as Terreon Gully’s composition “Tanktified”, mixed at Fattoria, then mastered in LA by Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Kelly Hibbert.

The result: 13 tracks with an amazing sound, each one unique in itself: There is funk, afro-style, HipHop, disco, salsa, odd time signatures, ballads, and much more. A dazzling mix of genres, infused with jazz, that simply need to be “checked out”! 

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Cover: Olivier Holland's Gjazz 5
Album: Olivier Holland's Gjazz 5
Artist: Olivier Holland's Gjazz 5
Genre: Jazz
Kat.-Nr.: TZ2098
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2021

01. $ 10 Per Rat 8:50

02. Mrs Bombastic 8:26

03. Morse Code 4:19