REZA is a singer-songwriter living in Paris and by extension the name of the band of musicians playing with him. Their music is commonly described as indie folk-rock. The singing is characterized by REZA's deep baryton-bass voice and usually romantic style of delivery. His songs are arranged and performed with a specific mixture of both intimate acoustic and wild electric atmospheres. Themes in REZA's lyrics include relationships, family life, moving from one country to another, love and death.

The usual line-up of the band on stage is acoustic and electric guitars, double bass and drums though the recorded versions of the songs often include subtle string arrangements and other additionnal instruments such as keyboards, mandolin, pedal steel or banjo. Since 2008 REZA has performed more than 250 acts, solo or as a band, most of them in France but also in other european countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Supermaan is their third studio album.

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Cover: Supermaan
Album: Supermaan
Artist: Reza
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Kat.-Nr.: TZ876
Label: French Toast (00000)
Jahr: 2012

01. Playground 3:14

02. The House Near the Airport 3:04

03. Love Goes On 3:12