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Emotikon: Two Of A Kind

Emotikon: Two Of A Kind

It's 2015 and we're back in the future! Get into Emotikon's cartoon DeLorean for a trip to the golden age of electronic music. 80s synthpop meets 90s dance. Post-apocalyptic melancholy fuses with outright silliness. 11 brand-new digital love songs! 

Kat.-Nr.: TZ1026

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Cover: Two Of A Kind
Album: Two Of A Kind
Artist: Emotikon
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1026
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2015

01. Two Of A Kind 3:54

02. Die Alone 4:07

03. Say Hey 3:22

04. Turn Off The Light 3:26

05. I Will Change You 3:33

06. Just Friends 3:58

07. Do It Like The Birds 3:24

08. Brother I'm A Poet 3:39

09. Love Potion 3:14

10. The End Of The World 4:16

11. Digging How It Feels 4:38