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Pale Grey: Best Friends

Pale Grey: Best Friends

They have been touring almost everywhere in Belgium, now Pale Grey hits the international road. Their first album Best Friends has seduced both the press and the audience with its combination of indie pop, abstract hip hop and electronic. Midway between Notwist, Alt-J, The Whitest Boy Alive or Metronomy, Pale Grey offers a universe which is groovy, atmospheric and eclectic, while retaining its own strong identity.

Early in 2012, the quartet shut themselves away in its home studio in order to toy with their instruments and record their first album called Best Friends. Surrounded by vintage keyboards, guitars / bass and drums machines, they have gathered their ideas and desires on a dozen songs that range from ethereal pop, abstract hip-hop to indietronica. Accompanied by Anthony Sinatra (Piano Club, Hollywood Porn Stars) who worked as a producer, they completed the record at the Studio 5 in Liege and Oliver Zülch (13 & God, Notwist,...) and Raphael Wynands took charge of the audio mixing.

The resulting album, resolutely modern, keeps a pop immediacy while trying to explore new and innovative paths taken by experimental music, hip-hop or post-rock. Best Friends will be released European wise in the beginning of 2014 through the JauneOrange label.


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Cover: Best Friends
Album: Best Friends
Artist: Pale Grey
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ172
Label: Jaune Orange (00000)
Jahr: 2013

01. Dead Line 4:39

02. Seaside 3:47

03. Bottle 3:54

04. Spiral 4:36

05. Shame 4:02

06. Wolf 3:42

07. Milopoy 4:15

08. Confession 3:25

09. The Gold Rush 3:49

10. Homeland 4:00