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Simian Ghost: Youth (12“ Vinyl)

Simian Ghost: Youth (12“ Vinyl)

Simian Ghost is an alternative pop act from Sandviken/Gävle, Sweden, consisting of Sebastian Arnström, Erik Klinga and Mathias Zachrisson. It was initiated as a recording project by Sebastian Arnström. He released one full-length album, Infinite Traffic Everywhere, which was received with blog praise and excellent reviews. It topped the critics chart in Sweden and was voted record of the year by the readers at Dagensskiva.se. Simian Ghost released their second full length album written by all three members of the band; Youth in early 2012 and it was met once again with great reviews. As the first Swedish act since ABBA they got a lead review in The Times and The Guardian has called it "an early contender for the album of the year".


Kat.-Nr.: TZ847

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Cover: Youth
Album: Youth
Artist: Simian Ghost
Genre: Pop
Kat.-Nr.: TZ847
Label: Nomethod (00000)
Jahr: 2012

01. Curtain Call 2:42

02. Youth 5:57

03. The Capitol 4:27

04. Wolf Girl 3:46

05. Sparrow 3:28

06. Fenix 3:40

07. Automation 3:15

08. Siren 2:45

09. Crystalline Lovers Mind 3:30

10. No Dreams 4:26