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Tennis Bafra: Abulia Jubilee (12“ Vinyl)

Tennis Bafra: Abulia Jubilee (12“ Vinyl)

"...an album to play loud. Like the noisy tapes you used to listen to when you were a child, pretending you were the king of skateboard." Absolut Noise (FR)

"Abulia Jubilee is a record dripping in an intoxicating amalgam of Bitch Magnet brutality, Sonic Youth sludge, and the nonchalant recklessness, venom, and vitriol of Craig Nicholls."


Kat.-Nr.: TZ846

Einzelpreis: 16,00


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Cover: Abulia Jubilee
Album: Abulia Jubilee
Artist: Tennis Bafra
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ846
Label: Nomethod (00000)
Jahr: 2012

01. Nascar Eyes 5:44

02. Halal Haircut 3:35

03. Knox Harrington 4:58

04. Sleep 3:48

05. Koni Koni Blues 3:52

06. Albatross 3:11

07. Uninformed Uniformed 2:06

08. May 15 19:58