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Shineform: Waterpercussion

Shineform: Waterpercussion

Founded 1998 by Georg Edlinger, Shineform played with Volker Kagerer at different festivals as the "Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon" or the "Ton in Ton" and the "Viertelfestival" etc.. Shineform connects rhythmic timelines of cultures outside Europe with free improvisation as well as contemporary composition. Shineform claims to create a symbiosis of permanent development including free radical continuation and the suspension of anarchic strictness. 

Kat.-Nr.: TZ1218

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Cover: Waterpercussion
Album: Waterpercussion
Artist: Shineform
Genre: Instrumental
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1218
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2016

01. Gungharoo 3:14

02. Saranghi 6:13

03. Metamorphosis 5:19

04. Suera Burung 3:28

05. Gonkogui 9:02

06. Philosophical Request 6:18

07. Water to Air 6:34

08. Transformation to Water 2:54

09. Transformation - Guataca To Water 5:19