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T.G. Copperfield: Tunes For George

T.G. Copperfield: Tunes For George

Tilo George Coppperfield is a Rock and Roll songwriter with roots in Americana and Blues. Also known as the driving force behind southern rockers 3 Dayz Whizkey where he honed his skills as guitar player and highly-talented song-architect. 2017 gave birth to his first solo record („T.G. Copperfield“) and the ambitious successor „The Worried Man“, a concept album and Rock and Roll Dystopia based on the thrilling story of anti-hero Evil Eye.

Where his critically acclaimed first record mainly focused on Bluesrock and Americana, „The Worried Man“ is diving even deeper into a broad spectrum of styles. Simply put: „an entertaining listening experience with hit potential“ (Classic Rock Magazine). A record with style and classic sound.

2018 will also be a busy year starting with the release of „Tunes for George“. A 6-songs-EP based on the memory of Copperfield´s late dad. Recorded in a one day session this truly is a very personal piece of Rock and Roll in the tradition of classic and timeless tunes built to last. 

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Cover: Tunes For George
Album: Tunes For George
Artist: T.G. Copperfield
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ1573
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2018

01. Last Chance Saloon 3:24

02. One More Night 3:07

03. The Face Of The Mountain 2:35

04. Walking In Ruins 3:24

05. I´ll Never Lay That Guitar Down 2:28

06. Half The Man 3:16