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Maths And The Moon: Night Train Daydream

Maths And The Moon: Night Train Daydream

A tense midnight train ride starting out in strange surroundings before arriving in a colourful and brighter world. From the analogue drones of ‘FFwD (Fly From Danger)’, the melodic dream-haze of ‘It’s Ok to be Afraid’, to the upbeat motorik euphoria of ‘Polychrome’, Maths and the Moon’s ‘Night Train Daydream’ provides a method to the madness when the sun goes down. Recorded and produced by the band themselves in The New Forest between 2009 and 2012, ‘Night Train Daydream’ begs you to bring out your fears, bring out your ghosts and come out to play.

Maths and the Moon are a three piece alternative rock band from the South coast of England consisting of Andy Fielder (Guitars/Vocals), Luke Taplin (Drums) and Matt Hirst (Bass). The band formed in 2009 and played their first show alongside legendary Can frontman Damo Suzuki the following year.

„Night Train Daydream is a brilliant debut, a mesh of droning seduction, fire drenched corrupted melodies, and uncompromising imagination.“ - The Ringmaster Review


Kat.-Nr.: TZ265

Einzelpreis: 12,00


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Cover: Night Train Daydream
Album: Night Train Daydream
Artist: Maths And The Moon
Genre: Alternative
Kat.-Nr.: TZ265
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2013

01. FFwD (Fly From Danger) 2:56

02. On A Knife Edge 4:08

03. Hekyll And Hyde 5:46

04. It's Okay To Be Afraid 5:57

05. Recurring Dream Number 13 2:59

06. Old Days/New Daze 5:37

07. Wwyb (The Demons March) 4:20

08. Anxious Cats 6:10

09. Monochrome 4:14

10. Lolocomo 2:00

11. Light At The 11th Hour 4:14

12. Polychrome 6:44