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Alwin Smoke: Saggattaria

Alwin Smoke: Saggattaria

The Alwin Smoke Band was formed at 2013/2012 after earning successes of the Saggattaria and the The Last Dance CDs and the demand of being On Stage After playing several concerts Alwin Smoke was nominated for the German Rock & PopAward in 2013 and 2014. Last year they got some prizes as you read below.

Kat.-Nr.: TZ445

Einzelpreis: 12,00


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Cover: Saggattaria
Album: Saggattaria
Artist: Alwin Smoke
Genre: Rock
Kat.-Nr.: TZ445
Label: ARREST Music (01048)
Jahr: 2015

01. The White Evil 6:39

02. Forbidden Love 4:34

03. Heads Or Tails 6:57

04. Nature Child 3:20

05. Fairy's Lost 6:31

06. Saggattaria 5:42

07. Riding With The Witch 5:10

08. Visit To A Strange Land 6:40

09. Nonsuch 4:32