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Manteca: Meu Brasil

Manteca: Meu Brasil

The elegance of Latin-Jazz, smooth and energetic at the same time, played by virtuous musicians and interpreted with the beautiful and expressive voice of Felicia Touré ? that is MANTECA. Renowned outstanding artists from the Cologne (Germany) Jazz scene express themselves through their music entertaining with style and class. The charming voice of the singer is breathtaking. She presents the highlights of Brazilian Jazz, Samba and Bossa Nova seducing the audience with great emotions and a touch of Latin joyfulness.

The band was founded in 2004 featuring saxophone player Gabriel Perez. In 2007 Juergen Peiffer reorganized the band together with singer Felicia Touré with whom he has been working as a drummer and musical director ever since.

Kat.-Nr.: TZ452

Einzelpreis: 12,00


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Cover: Meu Brasil
Album: Meu Brasil
Artist: Manteca
Genre: Latin
Kat.-Nr.: TZ452
Label: Timezone (12791)
Jahr: 2015

01. Outro Lugar 3:24

02. On My Mind 3:37

03. Feliz E Triste 3:04

04. Águas De Março 3:36

05. Se Depender De Mim 3:24

06. Fly Me To The Moon 3:19

07. Lobo Bobo 2:53

08. First Cut 7:21

09. Eu E O Meu Amor 4:12

10. Triste 2:52

11. Forca Da Imaginação 4:15

12. Ode To Samba 3:59

13. Take Me To Aruanda 2:37

14. Session Tune 5:12

15. Garota De Ipanema 3:53

16. Aquarela Do Brasil 6:02